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March 2014

Like many of you, we at Results HR are starting 2014 excited about plans for growing our business. First and foremost, we are delighted to introduce our newly-expanded website. Please visit us at to find out more about how we help small businesses meet their goals—and please tell us what we can add that will be useful for you.

We regularly post articles, tips, and alerts to our website, to guide you in developing robust HR processes, keep you informed of new laws and regulations, and remind you of important deadlines. We’ll notify you of each new posting with a brief e-mail. We welcome your input regarding the kinds of information that would be most helpful to you. Below is a sample offering.

Find and Hire the Best

Many companies budget new hires at the beginning of the year, which means many of you are busy slogging through resumes. Recruiting is unavoidably labor-intensive, but here are some ways to save time and find the great candidates who make that time investment worthwhile.

  1. Define Your Position: If you know what you’re looking for, you have a much better chance of finding it. Take the time to create or update the job description and clearly identify the education, experience, and skills the right person will have.
  2. Focus Your Ad: Job-seekers skim ads like you skim resumes. Make sure your ad catches the attention of your target candidates and makes them say yes, this is the job for me and yes, I want to work for this company.
  3. Use the Right Filter: Odds are low that you can decide from a stack of resumes who you should hire, so don’t waste your time trying. Use the resumes to decide who to phone interview, the phone interviews to decide who to interview in person, and the in-person interviews to decide who to hire.
  4. Screen Candidates by Phone: In five or ten minutes on the phone, you can save yourself half an hour or more in an unproductive interview. Weed out the candidates who are out of your salary range, haven’t done what their resumes say, or don’t have the verbal communication skills you need.
  5. Use Performance-Based Interviewing: Develop questions for each position that explore what the candidate has done that will translate to what you want your new employee to do.

If this sounds overwhelming, give us a call and we’ll walk you through it. We’ve filled hundreds of positions for a wide range of manufacturing, service, and non-profit organizations. We can “teach you to fish” through our training and tools, or we can “give you the fish” by doing your recruiting for you, finding great candidates more cost-effectively than you might think.

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