Stage-2-Building-BlocksStage 2: Building Structure

Imagine that the next time an employee or supervisor walks into your office with a complaint, a request for leave, a resignation letter, or a disciplinary issue, you know exactly what to do and can respond calmly and efficiently. Results HR can help you make this dream a reality. We’ll create basic HR building blocks, designed to work for your business, that change what used to be a crisis into a normal easy to follow business process.

Employee Handbook

A well-drafted employee handbook creates a set of expectations and guidelines that are specific to your culture while providing protection from legal claims. Having one source for employees and managers alike replaces the “grey areas” with clarity and consistency. Results HR will work with you to learn what policies you currently have in place and help draft others that are legally compliant and aligned with the needs of your business.

Toolkits for HR Processes

Your standard employee processes should run as smoothly as your standard operational processes. Our easy-to-use policies, procedures, checklists, and templates can make it happen.

  • Recruiting & Hiring Toolkit – tips and tools to find better candidates faster, select the best candidate without discriminating, and make candidates glad to work for you
  • Leave of Absence Toolkit – FMLA, STD, LTD, worker’s compensation…tools to manage it all simply and correctly
  • Separation Toolkit – whether resignation, layoff, or discharge, ways to stay in control of the process


Keeping employees safe and healthy at work is a top priority for every employer, but implementing that goal is sometimes challenging. We can help you identify and solve your biggest safety risks and stay in compliance with key laws and regulations.

  • Starting and running a Safety Committee
  • Completing required OSHA forms
  • Knowing what training is required or recommended and where to get it
  • Motivating your employees to follow safety rules


Losing sleep over lawsuits, EEOC claims, unannounced inspections, wage and hour audits, and all the other potential consequences of not complying with federal and state employment laws? We can take the mystery out of all those laws and set up systems that lessen your administrative time and support your business rather than distracting from it.

  • Personnel Files
  • Labor Law Posters
  • Wage & Hour
  • Benefits Administration
  • Government contract requirements, including Affirmative Action Plans

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