Stage-5-Fruit-TreeStage 5: Sustainable Growth

Growth doesn’t just mean more of the same. As you and your talented, motivated workforce take your company to new heights, new challenges will come with success. Meanwhile, the regulatory environment and the social environment will continue to change, and your business will need to change along with them. We’ll be there to make it easier as you face each new challenge.

  • New laws and regulations
  • Updates to employee handbook, job descriptions, policies and procedures
  • Continual management development
  • Managing Generation X, Y, and beyond
  • Flexible work arrangements

Mergers and acquisitions

Bringing a new group into your flourishing company can be like grafting two premium strains of fruit tree to produce the sweetest peach ever—or it can be like trying to graft a cabbage onto a banana tree. We know the pitfalls and we can help steer you around them. Before you know it, you’ll be throwing a peach cobbler party for your one big, happy family.

  • Conducting pre-acquisition due diligence
  • Merging policies, benefits, and paid time off plans
  • Creating the new organization chart—Who stays? Who goes? Who’s in charge?
  • Integrating two cultures
  • Making the “new” feel part of the family

Interim HR Leadership

Your HR processes are running smoothly under the leadership of your HR Director–until that person decides to leave (or maybe you’re making that decision for them). You need HR expertise to bring in the best replacement and to keep the ship on course in the meantime. Results HR can provide your interim HR Director and support you in your search.

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