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The Client Lifecycle

What does the Results HR client engagement look like? “Clients generally follow a typical cycle of HR development,” says Results HR President, Rebecca Pardoe. “A new client is often in fire-fighting mode, reacting as best they can to each employee grievance, performance issue, hiring need, and compliance requirement. We help them to regularize these processes and become proactive in making the most of their employee talent.”

At Results HR, we meet you where you are and engage our tools and expertise to help bring you where you want to go, typically moving through the following stages:

  1. Crisis: We’ll help you put out the fire of the moment, freeing up energy to be proactive.
  2. Building Structure: We’ll develop efficient tools and processes for HR functions, including recruiting, hiring, leaves of absence, terminations, safety, and compliance.
  3. Aligning Employee Performance with Company Goals: We’ll make sure you’re hiring the best employees, setting clear performance goals, and motivating them to do their part to make the company successful.
  4. Organizational Development: We’ll create a strong platform for growth, through training, management development, succession planning, and communication processes.
  5. Sustainable Growth: We’ll continue to support you as you face challenges like new regulations, workforce changes, and mergers and acquisitions.

Typically, the initial client engagement is based on a target number of hours per month, paced to suit the client’s HR development goals and budget. Most of our clients have been with us for a number of years, and our arrangement flexes to adapt to changes in their HR needs and company priorities. Some clients come to us for a one-time project, such as an employee handbook or a recruiting need—and often come back for additional services as they recognize our value as a partner in growing their business.


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